How about some Ninja Blender Recipes?

ninja blender recipesI’m a massive fan of cooking and whenever i get the chance i will always like to show off my cooking skills, but sometimes i don’t need to show them off with fancy recipes. Today i have a few recipes which all you need is a blender, my preferred blender is the ninja blender, but any blender will do.

I just love the Ninja blender though, its a very strong and durable blender, that is also very easy to clean up. You know when you have a good blender when its easy to clean.

Normally the higher the watts the better the blender, test your blender by checking how easy it is to crush ice. A decent blender like the Ninja 1100 will churn through the ice in a couple of seconds. Where as a not so good blender, may struggle.

I’m going to create some recipes which are great if you on a diet because they are all low on fat but also taste amazing.


This recipes is great for the summer which is on its way, yay. It’s very easy to make just like many of my ninja blender recipes, so what are you waiting for.

avocado ninja blender dipWhat you will need as ingredients

Two Avocados

Half a cup of onion (minced)

Two serrano peppers (minced)

Two tblespoons of cilantro (chopped)

One tblespoon of lime juice (freshly squeezed)

Half a teaspoon of Kosher Salt

Half a cup of tomato (chopped)

Salt and black pepper to taste

A small pinch of lime zest


OK you will need to chop the avocado’s in to two separate pieces and then remove the seeds. Then put all the pulp into the ninja blender. Once you have finished prepping all the other ingredients throw that into the blender also.

It doesn’t matter to much how fine the chopping is as the blender will churn it all up into a smooth consistency. Now just set the blender to blend and keep blending for about 3 minutes or until you have reached your preferred consistency.

Add your salt n pepper to taste and serve with your favorite tortilla chips!